About Us

Midtown Painting has been serving the lower mainland since 1982. We continue to grow and expand our business. Our company is known for quality workmanship and consistent, on time completion of projects. With our experience, we cover all facets of the painting projects we receive. We offer our professional services to cover multi-unit projects such as high rises, townhouses and condominiums. We also pride our selves on single family custom projects. Building our community with quality,long lasting projects is of great importance to us. Our qualified staff enables Midtown Painting to ensure high quality when it comes to various projects completed. Our project managers, estimators,and lastly custom painters, work to provide you with the best possible service and consistent quality. We pride ourselves in expressing a professional attitude, neat appearance, and great work ethic.

Our Team

Regardless of the size of your painting project, all work is performed skilfully and professionally and the end result is always exceptional workmanship. We are family-owned and operated, only employ professional full time painters, and do not subcontract work out.

Should your project require specialized work our painters are trained to operate and set up boom lifts, bosun’s chairs, pressure washers, sand blasters, scaffolding and swing stages. Safety on site is also a priority and we guarantee that a safety plan is in place and followed.Our painters are trained in fall protection, ladder safety, and WHIMS.

Here are some pictures of our team on site, and in action